35 Reasons Why Use Menstrual Cup Rocks

Why Use Menstrual Cup

Why use menstrual cup?

We all know that using a menstrual cup can be healthier, environmentally friendlier, and easier on the pocket. But did you know that there are waaay more reasons why using a menstrual cup is just so much a better choice?

Here’s 35 reasons why you should use a menstrual cup!

1. It is a healthier sanitary protection option.

Most menstrual cups are made of hypoallergenic materials like medical grade silicone.

This means that risk of allergy is very low.

Reputable menstrual cups are either FDA registered for their safe usage, or are certified with ISO 13485 for quality production of medical devices.

2. Reduces exposure to toxins, bleach and pesticides commonly found in disposables.

Most of the sanitary napkins and tampons in the market that are made with cotton are bleached white and grown with pesticides.

The Rodale Institute stated in one of their reports that cotton is one of the dirtiest crop in the world due to prevalent use of pesticides.

You reduce your risks of exposure of sheer fact of reduction in usage of these products.

3. It minimizes menstrual related odor.

When menstrual flow is exposed to air, it gives off a funky odor.

Because the cup contains the flow within your body, there is limited exposure of flow with air, and hence odor is minimized or in some cases/eliminated.

You only tend to smell it when you empty the cup.

4. When worn correctly, is leak proof!

When you choose a cup that is the correct size for you, the cup should adhere nicely along the vaginal canal, forming a good seal.

When the seal is perfect, flow is unlikely to leak past.

5. Cleaning is not as hard as it is made out to be.

While emptying a menstrual cup for the first few times may be messy, most women tend to get used it rather quickly.

Emptying the cup in public places is not as hard as imagined. There are wipes available for a quick wipe down in between emptying.

When you are at home, or in public toilets with basins in the cubicle, a good rinse/clean of the cup usually suffice.

Most manufactures recommend to boil the cup at the end of each cycle for a complete sanitization.

To make things easy, some models like the Yuuki Cup and the Evacup are even microwave friendly.

6. Makes you practice good handwashing or hygiene practices.

Because you are putting something up inside your body, most people tend to be more thorough with their washing when emptying the cup and re-inserting it.

Good hygiene practices are good habits to acquire and wearing a menstrual cup encourages the user to practice it.

7. Saves you time.

No need to spend time going to the pharmacy to get tampons or napkins!

Nor do you need to keep changing them every few hours.

8. Less stress due to longer time between emptying.

A cup can typically hold up to 20-30 mls. To put things in perspective, one soaked napkin/ tampon holds about 5 mls of flow.

If you change about one napkin every 3-4 hours, a cup can technically last 12-16 hours!

Most menstrual cups can allow protection up to 12 hours, although the most common recommendation is to empty the cup every 8 hours.

9. You may forget you are on your period!

Like the tampon, when worn correctly, it creates a sensation of not wearing anything, or rather, no sensation at all.

Many first time menstrual cup users are pleasantly surprised by the sense of freedom.

10. Sleep through the night worry free.

As most cups have good collection capacity and can last up to 12 hours before warranting an empty, most cups generally do not require emptying for a typical sleep length that lasts between 6 to 12 hours.

Sleep to your fill.

11. Helps you to get better acquainted with your own body.

By having to stick your fingers and maneuver a menstrual cup up your vagina canal, you inevitably will have to touch your own anatomy and get a better understanding on what is down there.

12. Gives a better picture of your menstrual patterns.

Most women are surprised by the amount of blood collected at each emptying.

Some who thought that they have heavy flows are surprised to find just how much blood and other discharge like clots or translucent vaginal discharge flows out of their own body.

Going through a few cycles helps them to gain an understanding of their menstrual patterns.

13. You will be one of the rare few women who know your own cervix length.

Do you even know there is such a thing called cervical length?

Typically, when inserted, the menstrual cup should sit low in the vaginal canal, away from the cervix. Some women with high cervix position can sometimes find their menstrual cups riding up the vaginal canal.

Other women who find that they can easily reach their cervix would then realize that they have short cervix lengths (if they can touch the cervix with just inserting the first knuckle of their ring finger).

14. You become more aware of your reproductive health.

Just like how you get information on your cervical position, the likelihood of you sensing/touching something amiss is greater because of the regular monthly contact with your vagina.

If something unusual grows down there, you are more likely to detect it.

15. Improves self confidence.

Other than trusting the leak proof protection of your cup during your monthly, there is something inherently very powerful about having the ability to feel fresh and clean during your menses.

You do not sit in your own blood, rather, you contain it.

Feels empowering, doesn’t it?

16. It does not disrupt the pH of the vaginal canal.

When made with hypoallergenic material such as silicone, the material is inert and hence does not interact with the surroundings. The pH level gets to remain as it should be.

Maintaining pH level is important as the change in pH can have dire consequences, such as increasing risks of infections.

17. Reduces risk of infections.

As mentioned above, as the pH within the vaginal canal is not disrupted by the cup, infection risks are lowered.

In addition, by practicing better hygiene by virtue of using a cup, risks of getting infections are also reduced.

18. Minimizes risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups, being hypoallergenic, reduces risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome, despite being suitable to stay within the body for more than 8 hours.

How’s that for safety first?

19. May help to reduce intensity of menstrual cramps.

Some women found that with the usage of menstrual cups, the intensity of their menstrual cramps have reduced, as compared to the times when they were using tampons/napkins.

20. May shorten period length.

Another anecdotal benefit of using a menstrual cup appears to be the experience of having reduced period lengths.

Some suggest that it could be due to the cup facilitating containment of flow in a faster manner.

21. Reduces odds of chafing sensitive skin

Some women complain of chafed skins when using sanitary napkins because of the abrasion between the cotton surface and the sensitive skin down under.

By wearing a menstrual cup within, it completely eliminates the issue of chafed skin due to abrasion.

22. Helps you to save money in the long run.

Although the start up cost of a menstrual cup is more, it usually works out to be more economical over the long run as most menstrual cups are reusable.

The cost is balanced out usually over 4 to 5 cycles, hence, saving money for the rest of the months, even if you change the cup every year.

23. Helps to reduce wastage.

Tampons wastage

It is estimated that in one woman’s lifetime she will use around 12,000 tampons or pads.

Just think of the mountain of napkins/tampons you are NOT throwing away after each change by using a menstrual cup.

24. Plays a part in protecting the environment.

By not using tampons and sanitary napkins, you automatically reduce usage of farmed cotton, an industry that heavily utilizes pesticides in its farming practice.

25. You can go swimming!

Wearing a menstrual cup correctly gives a great seal which ensures leak protection, despite major movements.

What that means is that you can totally go swimming with no worries at all.

While some women attempt to swim while wearing a tampon, but the string that is attached to the tampon can also absorb the water and bring it up within the vagina.

Do you really want that?

26. Makes hiking and camping on your period a breeze

One of the inconveniences of hiking or camping while on our periods is the concern of access to toilets to change tampons/napkins, or not having enough protection to cope with the flow.

As you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours with no problem, and you just need to empty the cup to reuse it, it is a convenient solution to the issues that comes with conventional sanitary protection.

27. You can wear white pants during your period.

Two words. Leak Proof. ‘Nuff said.

28. Wearing tight pants is not a problem!

No more visible sanitary napkin lines or bulging.

Wearing the cup within means the only thing you might worry about is visible panty lines.

29. Can choose from a myriad of colors.

Some cup brands like the Evacup and Sckoon Cups have multiple colors to choose from to uplift the mind.

30. Make a fashion statement.

Some of the pouches that come along with certain brands of menstrual cups are made of organic cotton, not to mention cute.

31. Environmentally friendly.

Many menstrual cup manufacturers are more environmentally conscious in their business practices, such as using recycled paper for user instructions or boxes, or using simplified packaging to reduce unnecessary wastage.

32. Supports socially responsible businesses.

Along the same vein, many menstrual cup manufacturers tend to be more socially responsible, and often have give back programs for charities.

For example, the Mooncup (UK) supports various different charities every year.

33. Allows you a chance to help disadvantaged women.

Some menstrual cup manufacturers also have programs whereby they give cups to women in third world countries for each cup purchased.

Ruby cup is one such brand that has such a program.

34. Some people use it to improve chances at fertilization.

In a creative but scientifically unverified use of the product, some people use a menstrual cup to hold sperms so that they can increase the probability of getting pregnant.

35. Initiates you into an extraordinary league of enlightened women.

Using a menstrual cup is healthier, more environmentally friendly, economical, and improves your self confidence.

If that is not awesome, we really don’t know what is.

Give yourself a chance a try it.

Go on. 🙂

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