Where To Buy Menstrual Cup?

Where to buy menstrual cup

So you have been thinking about switching to a menstrual cup, and wondering “Where to buy menstrual cup?

Most women tend to buy their first menstrual cups online, via online platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Some do buy it from their local pharmacies, although one may say that the range of menstrual cups available are limited, and often more costly than what you can get online.

Where To Buy Menstrual Cup?

Actually the answer is dependent on a few factors where you can buy menstrual cups.

Namely – where you live, your purchase preferences, or if you are price conscious.

If you live in the US, menstrual cups are fairly easy to purchase. You can order on Amazon, and if you have Amazon prime, you typically get free shipping and next day delivery.

If you prefer to see your goods before you buy it, you can pop into pharmacies like CVS that carry a few brands of menstrual cups like Gladrag’s Mooncup, Intimina Lily Cup or the disposable menstrual cup Softcup.

However, if you are conscious about buying a menstrual cup in person, you could always choose to buy in online, where packaging are often discreet.

For others who live in different parts of Europe, and if supporting local businesses is important to you, you may wish to consider buying menstrual cups that are made in the country you live in.

For example, Yuuki Cup from Czech Republic, CupLee is made in Russia; Fleurcup from France, Iriscup from Spain, Meluna from Germany.

If you live in the UK, Mooncup (UK) are usually available in Boots Pharmacy, or u can get it directly via their website .

For the price conscious, one of the benefit of buying online is that you get to compare prices before you buy, so that you can get the best deal for the same item.

Where Can I Buy A Menstrual Cup - Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is fast becoming popular as a site to purchase OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and knock off goods.

You can often purchase menstrual cups for below ten bucks with change to go.

In fact, quite a few sellers online order knockoffs in bulk from Aliexpress and sell their wares to pass off as the real deal.

Should we be concerned if we can get similar items at a way cheaper price?

Well, for two good reasons – quality and integrity.

Quality is actually the most important reason why you would want to exercise caution when buying from Aliexpress.

Many of the sellers on Aliexpress claim that their made in China menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone, and even post factory certifications (written in Mandarin, no less) on their sites to support their claims.

However, in a country that is famed for making counterfeits (fake eggs, anyone?), can you really trust what is written?

Assumed Safety

The FDA considers a menstrual cup as a class II medical device.

“Class II devices are higher risk devices than Class I and require greater regulatory controls to provide reasonable assurance of the device’s safety and effectiveness.”

Afterall, a menstrual cup is a device you would insert within your body.

It is especially important as the vaginal walls are very vascular, meaning it can readily absorbent. Which is why you would want to be more cautious about what you put up there.

In order to produce and distribute menstrual cups in the US, both the menstrual cup and the company must be registered with FDA.

Here comes the controversy though, because being registered with FDA does not mean that being approved or being cleared by the FDA.

Although one would automatically assume as long as FDA is involved, the product should be safe to use, it may not be so simple.

FDA Approved VS Clearance For Sale

Obsidian has an excellent blog post on this issue, and is definitely worth a read to understand more about how some companies can put up misleading information about being FDA approved in their marketing efforts.

This is the current list of companies that produces or distributes menstrual cups in the US which are registered with FDA.

To be cleared by FDA, companies need to undergo 510(k) premarket notification and you can search for the updated list of the companies by going to the FDA database.

Just key HHE in the “product code” column, and key traditional in the “type” column to search.

As of 04 Jan 2017,

FDA result

If you are looking for assurance in quality, you are probably better off choosing cups that have been cleared by FDA.

The long and short of it is, if you cannot be assured about the quality of the menstrual cup material, it may be smart to avoid it altogether, even if the cost of the cup is way much cheaper.

The other concern is of course the intellectual property rights that the manufacturers have over the designs of their menstrual cup.

This is simply an issue of integrity, although many people find it debatable.

Manufacturer’s Website or Amazon?

Most of the time, I would actually recommend buying menstrual cup from Amazon, especially if the seller is the manufacturer.

Reason being, if you were to compare prices from the manufacturer’s website and Amazon, most of the time, the price is either the same, or lesser on Amazon.

I would recommend buying menstrual cup directly from the manufacturer’s website if

  1. You have reasons to doubt the quality of the menstrual cup that the online seller is touting.
  2. You do not stay in US, and the price on the manufacturer’s website is the same as it is on Amazon. More so if it includes free international shipping. For example, the Mooncup (UK) offers free shipping with its products.
  3. The product range that you would like to get is not available on Amazon. For example, a specific color range, or the manufacturer offers certain product bundles that is not available on Amazon.
  4. Warranty is important to you. Some of the reviews online from Amazon, whereby users bought from resellers, claimed difficulty in exercising their warranty rights because the item was not bought directly from the seller.

On the other hand, Amazon is a great option for its convenience, rather prompt delivery service, and often, cheaper prices as compared to the prices listed in company’s website.

They often have bundled offers, and special sale events that makes it quite worthwhile to buy the same cup from them.

Furthermore, if you have Amazon prime, or is considering to buy enough items to make up free shipping, Amazon is really a good place (albeit addictive) place to shop.

Plus, their customer service is surprisingly quite customer oriented, so that is a bonus when disputes arise.

Where Else Can I Buy Menstrual Cups?

Of course there are smaller independent websites (for e.g. menstrualcup.co) that offers menstrual cups online.

One main benefit of buying from independent websites is that their customer support is usually quite prompt and helpful, which can be quite helpful for such a product, in which you may have questions about the insertion, care or removal.

Another advantage is that you can get menstrual cups that are not easily available on Amazon due to distribution issues.

The cons of buying menstrual cups from independent websites are that the range of cups offered are usually quite limited, and usually more costly, as compared to Amazon.

In all, there are many ways you can buy menstrual cups.

Be it online via Amazon, manufacturer’s websites, independent online retailers or onsite via pharmacies and health stores.

Hope this article answers all your questions on where to buy menstrual cup.

May you find the option that suits your needs best!

P.S. If you have decided to buy a menstrual cup but do not know which to choose, the articles below will be helpful.


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