Wearing The Right Undies Can Cure Your Feminine Odor

Best Quick Dry Underwear for women

Let me let you in on a tiny secret that can eliminate feminine odor in an instant.


The key word is underwear.

Understated and out of sight, the underwear is often looked over as one of the primary causes of our womanly odor.

But did you know that something as simple as choosing the right cut and function of a great pair of undies can make an instant smell difference? 

I don’t know about you, but I had some really bad personal hygiene habits growing up.

Moisture And Feminine Odor

Ready for some TMI? Not wiping dry after peeing is one such cardinal sin.

The problem with not wiping dry is that it leads to a moist environment down there, where bad bacteria (they exist naturally all over our body) can thrive and populate.

Naturally, that piqued my body’s defense mechanism and I started having more vaginal discharge as my body tries to get rid of the extra bad bacteria.

Then I liked getting fancy underwear, the boring cottons ones just won’t cut it.

Turned out a lot of the undies I liked were made of fabrics that aren’t exactly breathable. Which meant that moisture was not getting out.

Wet and wetter.

My undies would be moist and uncomfortable to wear by the end of the day, and extremely stinky to boot!

That was when I started to think of the connection between our underwear and how it precipitates foul smells down there.

So I started experimenting with different cuts and different underwear materials to see if it makes a big difference.

What Makes A Good Underwear?

Here is what I have found that worked really well for me and would like to share with you today.

The Right Cut

There are so many cuts of underwear in the market – bikini, briefs, boyshorts, hipsters, thongs (just to name a few!)

Let’s get to the heart of a great cut to prevent feminine odor – get undies that won’t cut into you.

Puns aside, if you wear underwear that is of poor form and cuts into you, what happens is that blood circulation is affected.

Not only is it painful when your undies cut into you, studies have shown that poor blood circulation have been associated with many uncomfortable gynecological problems like pelvic congestion syndrome.

If the waist bands or the thigh bands are too tight, it can also potentially cause chafing and inflammation of your skin.


Not only it is uncomfortable, too tight a fit can cause you to perspire more, upping the moisture content for the environment down there.

Hence, getting the right cut is not just comfortable for you the wearer, but also can help improve your overall health.

Now that we know how the cut can affect our health and create potential problems/odors, let’s learn a bit more about the types of undies cuts.

There are seven basic styles of underwear –



Credit: Victoria Secrets

They are like boxers for females. More rectangular in shape than most panties, boy shorts usually extend onto the thighs.

When made form fitting and of the right fabric, you can actually say bye to visible panty lines even in a catsuit!

The longer boy shorts are great for sleeping or just lounging around the house.

The boy short cut is right up my alley for comfort and function.


Women's briefs

Credit: Patagonia

Also known as granny pants, if you buy the full waist version, covering the whole butt with a high waistband. Perfect for tummy protection during those cold nights. But that’s another story for another time.

Luckily for the fashion conscious, briefs are now available in low rise versions so you get the comfort without having to compromise the height of your waistline.

Briefs are, in my opinion, equally comfortable as boyshorts, and well made briefs basically eliminate wedgies, that are more common in boyshorts.

French Cuts

French cut underwear

Credit: tinycoffee.co.uk

Oh god, please don’t get me started on this. I have nothing against the French, but french cuts are UGLY.

Think Jane Fonda high cut aerobic underwears. Yup, that’s the french cut.

In full professionalism, the problem with french cuts is that the thigh cuts awkwardly across your pelvis, which can make for a pretty uncomfortable wear, even though it may interfere less with blood circulation.


Hipster panties

Credit: polyvore.com

Also called hip huggers, these undies sit around the hips, about give or take two inches from the waist.

These undies are great for low waist jeans, but most people seem to buy a size too small, and butt cleavage pops unwittingly before your eyes when others bend down.

Not the most comfortable wear available in the market.


Bikini panties

Credit: sockittome.com

Typically feature very high cut leg holes, with waistbands sitting even lower than hipsters.

These may be great for those low waisted jeans, but the position of the waistbands as well as the partial coverage of your butt can sometimes interfere with blood circulation and give rise to the occasional wedgie.



Credit: polyvore.com

Your kind of undies when butt coverage is not something you want others to see. Catwoman suit, here you go!

Similar to the bikinis, the waistband sits lower, about three inches down from your natural waist.


G string

Credit: snowbedding.com

Featuring no rear coverage, the G-string gets my head scratching every single time.

Who on earth willing walks around with a wedgie? If VPLs are a concern, just get really form fitting boyshorts and you are golden.

And on a more serious note, for your feminine health, I would advise against the G-string, or C string because the piece of fabric covering you touches the anus and can potentially bring bacteria from the anal region to the front where your vagina is.

Seriously, the distance between the two holes are really not that far apart.


In terms of comfort, the briefs and boyshorts get the nods for most comfortable cuts for undies.

The rest of the basic seven styles may provide more in terms of conforming to your clothes choices, but you may risk ending up with wedgies and more health problems than you bargained for.

And of course, buy the RIGHT size.

Buying a size smaller is not only uncomfortable, and can be a bane to your health with it being constrictive and all.

The Right Fabric

I think wearing natural fabrics, like cotton, which are breathable is one of the possible options of keeping your nether regions dry and comfortable.

Synthetic materials like polyester have a poor reputation for breathability, which means moisture gets trapped and not ventilated out.

When that happens, odor molecules get trapped within the fabric. It is a silent odor disaster waiting to erupt.

Okay, this is where I take a deep breathe, go out on a limb and commit cotton blasphemy.

Yes, cotton is great, so is linen. In fact, I have cotton as part of my underwear fabric repertoire.

But did you know that for it to be breathable, it should be quality lightweight cotton fabric?

Differences in quality, as well as cotton blends can affect the heaviness and breathability of your cotton fabric.

Did you know that many a times, manufacturers blend cotton together with spandex, or lycra, to make your favourite leggings and undies, and try to convince you that since it is predominantly cotton, like 60%, it is automatically breathable, and hence better?

Misleading bullshit.

The problem with cotton/spandex, cotton/lycra blends is that they become heavier and hence more difficult to absorb moisture, or even repels moisture.

Then you end up with smelly underwear and wonder why cotton doesn’t work for you.

What if I tell you that you are actually better off choosing moisture wicking fabric that are made of synthetic fabric blends like polyester?

But wait, didn’t you just say polyester is bad for breathability?

Yes, I hear you and stand by what I said about them. The difference lies in the phrase “moisture wicking fabric”.

Moisture wicking fabric

Credit: blog.refrigiwear.com

What makes these moisture wicking fabric magic is the way the fabric is woven. The permeable woven pattern allows for moisture to evaporate easily, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Some of these undies are so well made that one brand actually has this as their official tagline for their travel underwear range- “ 17 countries. 6 weeks. 1 pair of award winning underwear.”

You don’t have to be a chemist fabric expert to know what fabrics blends can be breathable. Look out for words like 100% cotton, breathable or moisture wicking fabric to help you make decisions.

As a self anointed undies guru, let’s recap what has been discussed so far to help you choose underwear that can help eliminate smelly odors.

Three Golden Rules For Great Underwear

  1. Choose underwear cuts like brief cut or boyshorts that does not pinch on your blood circulation
  2. Choose breathable fabrics like lightweight cotton or have moisture wicking technology
  3. Buy the RIGHT size.

If you would like to get started right away, here are some recommendations for the best quick dry underwear around.

Best Quick Dry Underwear For Women

Product Name

Fabric Type



Exofficio Women's Underwear

94% Nylon 6% Lycra Spandex

Jockey Women's Underwear

100% Cotton

Vanity Fair Women's Underwear

100% Cotton

Balanced Tech Women's Underwear

80% Polyester 20% Spandex

adidas Women's Climacool Underwear

92% Nylon 8% Elastane

Exifficio Women's Underwear

Exofficio Women's Underwear

Without further ado, the Exofficio underwear range gets the props for the best quick dry underwear in the market for women and men.

Exofficio designs an excellent range of comfortable outdoor wear. Their products are sturdy, lightweight and travel friendly.

The makers seem to understand the importance of quick drying when you are out on the road, and their travel underwear is really what it promises to be.

I discovered these travel underwear a few years ago when I was looking to reduce my luggage and wanted something that was comfortable, durable, quick dry and helps eliminate odors.

Then I thought to myself, hey, these four attributes are exactly what I would like to have in my normal day to day underwear.

Who’s to say that travel underwears cannot be worn daily?

Granted, these underwear are not exactly cheap. Depending on size and cut, it can easily range from $13 to $36.


My inner frugalista bulked at the price and I hesitated at pulling the trigger on these babies for the longest time.

So when I was gifted an Amazon gift card last last Christmas (thank you, you know who you are!), it was a no brainer what I wanted to spend it on.

A few clicks later, Exofficio gained a convert and I never looked back.

The Exofficio Give N Go Women’s Bikini Briefs seems to be the most popular among women.

I’ve got 2 pairs of those, and added 2 more pairs of Exofficio Give N Go Sports Mesh Underwear (which are boyshorts) to my collection.

And here’s why I think Exofficio underwears deserves to be the best quick dry underwear out there in the market.

The Pros

Dries Quickly

94% nylon, 6% spandex lycra. The weaving of the fabric allows for some magical moisture wicking action.


Actually, if you are really diligent on washing, you just need to buy one pair and you are set to go. The mesh fabric makes for a good lather, so you can just wash your undies the same time when you shower.


The pro tip is to line your Exofficio (after washing, of course!) between the folds of your towel, roll it up and step on it. This squeezes out the extra water for additional dryness.



Hang dry overnight, and unless you live in an extremely humid and wet area, chances are, your Exofficio will be dry and smelling fresh by the next morning.


I have put mine through the time test, and my briefs actually air dried in less than four hours?



Two years on and still going strong with regular usage. That being said, I do have 4 pairs that I use interchangeably.


I think it also helps that I air dry them rather instead of putting them through the dryer.



I find the sizing descriptions on Amazon to be true to size. When in doubt, perhaps go a size higher, but never lower.


The cutting is spot on for me. The brief cut as well as my boyshort cuts does not ride up or stick in places that creates wedgies. They stay in place and keeps me dry throughout the day, pantyliner-less.


I know some online reviewers talked about how they don’t like the mesh pattern, and I really do think it is a matter of preference. I barely notice them when I am wearing my Exofficio.


Pretty Cute

They offer four basic styles – full brief, bikini, boyshorts and thongs. They also have a variant between the hipster and bikini, aptly called the hipkini.


The bikini range have different patterns and colors, lace and no lace, etc., so you basically can have your pick to pair with your outfit of the day.


The Cons


Okay okay, if I really have to nitpick, I wished they offered more colors for the sports mesh boyshorts.

Exofficio only offers them in three colors for the moment – black, nude and hot coral.

But this is really not a deal breaker for me. I’ll choose the comfort over colors any day.

Best Affordable Quick Dry Underwear

If you prefer not to shell out so much money on a piece of underwear, I have a good alternative for you in the form of Fruit of the Loom breathable series.

Fruit of the Loom Women's Underwear

Fruit of the Loom Women's Brief

Fruit of the Loom underwear have been around since the eons of time, ok, maybe not so long, but since 1851.

The newer breathable collection features a micro mesh design(breathe-through holes for ventilation), while the waistband is double stitched for smoothness and comfort.

As compared to the Exofficio underwear, these FOTL underwear come in close as a more wallet friendly option.

The Pros


94% polyester and 6% spandex, the Fruit of the Loom breathable collection is lightweight but packs a punch in terms of its odor busting ability.


Being lightweight, coupled with the micro mesh design, the underwear is relatively comfortable to wear and dries well.


No more uncomfortable sticking of underwear to your body when you perspire.


Simply wash and air dry overnight to get a pair of fresh smelling underwear the next day.



Available in packs of 4, you can easily get them for under $12 on Amazon. This translates into less than $3 per underwear.


Many Styles Available

Boyshorts, full briefs, hipsters, bikinis. These basic styles are available in the breathable collection to cater for most needs.


The Cons

One common problem raised by online reviewers is that the seams seem to fray after a few rounds of washing. Boyshorts

One way you can get around it is to put your undies in a laundry wash bag before putting it into the machine. There is no need to use the dryer because they air dry well. Boyshorts

Alternatively, you may wish to handwash them when you shower.  Handwashing is usually more gentle on clothes.

Using these methods may be able to help your underwear last longer.

Lack Of Color Choices
Another common complaint is that you don’t really seem to be able to get to choose the colors you want when you purchase through Amazon.

Granted, the colors of these underwear usually come in neutral colors so if you are not that particular about underwear colors, it will probably not be a deal breaker.

In general, the Fruit of the Loom Breathable collection makes for a good option for the cost conscious crowd, for its form and function. It does what it is purported to do – which is breath-ability.

They may not be as durable as the Exofficio, but for the price you are paying?

I’ll say it’s a darn good deal!

Final Thoughts

There you go, our review on the best quick dry underwear. By reducing the chances of having moist underwear, you are essentially eliminating the possibility of vaginal odor too.

It doesn’t matter if the underwear is termed as “travel underwear”. As long as it helps you reduce the feminine smell, it is wonderful in my book.

Stay dry, stay fresh! Hope this article will benefit you as it had benefited me.

Perry, C. P. (2001). Current concepts of pelvic congestion and chronic pelvic pain. JSLS: Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, 5(2), 105.

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