Homemade Honey Lemon Tea

Vitamin C is great for boosting our body’s immunity. Improving your immunity is vital for supporting your feminine health!

Did you know it is possible to make your own vitamin C syrup with just two ingredients?

Today I will share with you a modified version of a traditional korean remedy for boosting immunity and fighting infection – the honey citron tea.

Honey Lemon Vitamin C Remedy

The traditional recipe called for copious amount of sugar, but in my recipe, I replaced it all with honey instead.

I prefer honey because it contains small amounts of minerals and vitamins which makes the syrup more nutritious.

If for some reason you prefer to use sugar instead, I would recommend choosing dark brown sugar instead of normal white sugar.

Brown sugar has warming properties and is a great choice for women who suffer from menses discomfort.

This syrup is similar to the lemonade used in the master cleanse regime popularized by Beyonce. Instead of maple syrup, honey is used instead and no need to diet!

You can drink this as a healthy alternative to boost your immunity and improve bowel movements. I’m not sure if it can help you to lose weight, but do let me know if it does work for you!

There are a few variations to this recipe, mostly utilizing citrus fruits as its primary source of Vitamin C.

You can choose to use oranges, lemons, grapefruits and very likely any kind of citrus fruits available in your region.

The ratio is usually 1 part of citrus to 1 part of honey. The end result is often aromatic, tangy and packed filled with Vitamin C!

This lemon honey syrup that I will be sharing today is a family favorite when we need a quick pick me up or just a refreshing drink for those hot hot days.

It’s yummilicious and healthy to boot!

What you need for yummy Honey Lemon Syrup:

  • 3 large lemons (can use pink lemons if you like)
  • Real honey (250 ml or 9 oz) (any brand will do, personally I like to use Nature Nate’s Honey)

This recipe makes for at least 20 servings, with 1 tablespoon of syrup counting as one serving.


Prep Work:

To clean the lemons if the lemons are waxed/ non organic, I would first rub them clean with baking soda, before using coarse salt for a second rub.

Wash off the baking soda and salt residue with water, the lemons should feel squeaky clean.

Do remember to wipe the lemons dry before slicing them thinly (as thinly as you possibly can).

Prepare your glass jars by sterilizing it in hot water before letting it air dry. You can reuse clean canning jars or any glass jars with lids or get these nifty glass jars with hinged lids that I like.

My personal preference is not to use the ones with metal lids because the acidity of the syrup can cause the lids to rust easily. Plus, hinged lids makes it super easy to open the cans.

Making the Honey Citron Tea:

Slice the lemons thinly, making sure to remove all seeds, or else your syrup will turn bitter.

What I usually do is I will put all the slices of one lemon in the jar before pouring one third of the honey in. Then I will put in another whole lemon’s worth of slices before dousing it with another third of honey. So on and so forth.

The reason why I do this lemon by lemon is so that I can ensure that all the lemon slices get into contact with the honey more easily.

It is important to make sure that the honey covers all the lemon slices because you don’t want to leave any lemon slices exposed to air.

When completed, close the lid and flip the jar upside down a couple of times to make sure that all lemon slices are “honeyed”. I would leave the syrup in the fridge for at least 3 days, while remembering to flip the jar a couple of times every day.

The reason for leaving the lemon to soak in the honey for at least 3 days is to give the lemon slices time to suck in all the honey goodness. The lemon slices (rind and all) become quite yummy after a few days of soaking action. I love chewing on them as snacks.

End Result

This Vitamin C syrup can keep for a few months when refrigerated.

Because of the lemon juices, you can expect the honey lemon syrup to be quite watery, instead of being thick and viscous, like the ones sold in supermarkets.

Don’t worry if the viscosity doesn’t look like the storebought ones. If it is watery, you did it right!

You can adjust the ratio of honey to lemon, adding more honey if you prefer a sweeter syrup.

The above recipe results in a slightly tangy sweet syrup with a slight bitter tone. Some people add a dash of salt to the syrup and enjoy it as an isotonic drink.

To enjoy it, add a tablespoon worth of the Vitamin C syrup with a few honeyed lemon slices to a cup of water.

Serve it warm as a morning cleanse on an empty stomach, or enjoy it chilled as a refreshing drink to boost your immunity!

You can replace the lemon with any citrus fruit, or even make a fusion version by adding different citrus fruits like orange, lemon and grapefruit together to make a multifruit vitamin C syrup! Do experiment and share if you come up with any interesting concoction.

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