Homemade Feminine Wipes

Homemade feminine wipes

Feminine products are not cheap and can add up quickly due to the level of usage.

Today I want to share a way that I ensure that the wipes that I use to clean after pee is not only gentle and good for my skin, but also easy on the pocket.

The solution? Homemade feminine wipes!

Homemade Feminine Wipes - “Pan-Kins”

Introducing “pan-kins” – panty napkins which are essentially homemade reusable cotton wipes that I use after peeing to clean my lady bits!

I love my pankins because they are so gentle on the skin and absorbent, great for the environment, lasts long and save me money in the long run.

I am not a great fan of toilet paper – some of the available brands out there are so rough on the skin, or dissolve so quickly that they leave shreds down there.

Better quality ones (i spy those with 4-5 plys!) can quickly shoot a hole through your pocket and are often not very environmentally friendly due to the number of trees being cut down for production.  

For me, public toilets can be scary.

The way toilet paper is being left and located beside the ivory throne ensures that every time a flush is made, water vapor gets absorbed into the nearby paper.

The next user of the toilet who uses the paper then becomes the recipient of toilet water vapor adsorbed paper.


Pankins are for usage after peeing. I toe the line at using for bowel movement because I prefer to use water to clean – so much cleaner and comfortable.

For public toilets, I may use water sprays if available, or use my own paper.

Some people may be squeamish washing their own butts but I don’t really feel so.

Parents clean their babies’ bums all the time. And most of us get desensitized really quickly with the dump.

All it takes is good proper hygiene to wash hands post job. Millions of people do that around the world everyday.

You can make your very own pankins with pure cotton sheets, or even reuse an old comfortable cotton tee.

The key to sanitizing the material is to soak them in antiseptic cleaning solutions, and drying them in good sun or the highest possible dryer setting.

How To Make Homemade Feminine Wipes

Making your own feminine wipes

I make my own pankins with a pair of old cotton pants.

I cut the material into rectangular shapes, and I find the optimal dimensions for cleaning is about 5cm x 8 cm (refer below).

You may want to consider sewing around the edges to avoid fraying but I found that I did not have to do so with my current batch.

My pair of pants yielded me close to 30 pieces of pankins, which I then soaked in cold water with antiseptic cleaning solution for about 30 minutes before putting it into the washer.

I do have a habit of bagging my pankins in washer friendly bags and have no problem with washing my pankins with the rest of my laundry, but some people may be squeamish, and are probably the people who will dismiss this article.


Now I live near the equator where I enjoy good sun most of the time, so I love to hang dry my pankins in the sun to get that lovely “sun” scent and to kick in some extra bacteria killing action with UV light.

If your main access to drying clothes is the dryer, I would recommend setting it to the highest setting.

So there you go, easy to make pankins that are soft and gentle on the skin, absorbent and friendly on the pocket because of the re-usability.

I love love LOVE my pankins!

No more abrasions, no more paper bits lurking around. It is just so comfortable, and i usually only need one piece to dry (wiping from front to back, of course!).

I estimate using at least 70% lesser toilet paper in my household since using pankins to dry my lady bits after peeing.

Logistics For Homemade Feminine Wipes

Logistics wise, if your household have more females, I recommend using differently colored cotton for each lady for their own pankins.

I reused an old plastic food container to hold my pankins, and fold them like how tissue papers are folded in tissue boxes for ease of retrieving the pankins.

I then cut a rectangular strip on the container lid, and voila, instant reusable pankin holders.

This is how i fold them:

Step 1: Overlap two pieces of pankins.

Step 2: Fold “a” over “b”

Step 3: Place a third piece of pankin where “a” is

Step 4: Fold “b” over “c” like Step 2

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 and soon you will have overlapping pankins that you can put into the pankin box. Just pull the edge of the last piece of pankin out of the lid, and you can pull them out as you would with tissues from tissue boxes.

Easy peasy!

Tips for bringing outside:

  1. You can either buy or sew your own pankin bag as you would for a pocket tissue holder. Place folded set of pankins as you would with tissue paper inside and you are good to go! (Credit to http://www.skiptomylou.org/3383/)
  2. Bring a small ziplock bag to hold your used pankins and use the above washing method to clean them when you get home.

Hope you have fun with this easy home project of making your very own homemade feminine wipes!

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