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Best Wet Wipes For Feminine Hygiene To Make You Smell Better In An Instant

Gearing up for a hot date later, or just want to feel fresh down there? Let me tell you a simple trick that can refresh you in an instant. Wet wipes. A good replacement if you don’t have ready access to showers or clean water, wet wipes can clean you up easily, removing perspiration, discharge and any odor […]


Best Unscented Soaps and Shower Gels For Feminine Hygiene

Want to feel cleaner, fresher down there?Did you know that the choice of soap/shower gel that you use to clean your feminine area can make a difference on how you smell down there?Making soap is HUGE business. Companies like Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, spend millions on research and marketing to get you to choose their […]


Homemade Feminine Wipes

Feminine products are not cheap and can add up quickly due to the level of usage. Today I want to share a way that I ensure that the wipes that I use to clean after pee is not only gentle and good for my skin, but also easy on the pocket. The solution? Homemade feminine […]


Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

I hate having heavy flows. I used to worry incessantly about staining my clothes, having enough pads and then having sufficient access to toilets to replace them regularly. Plus that squishy feeling of flooded pads…..


35 Reasons Why Use Menstrual Cup Rocks

Why use menstrual cup? We all know that using a menstrual cup can be healthier, environmentally friendlier, and easier on the pocket. But did you know that there are waaay more reasons why using a menstrual cup is just so much a better choice? Here’s 35 reasons why you should use a menstrual cup! 1. It is […]


How To Choose The Right Menstrual Cup? Which Is Best For You?

Today, there are hundreds of different kinds of menstrual cups available for sale online and in stores, be it through Amazon, Aliexpress, dedicated website platforms or pharmacies. The past few years have seen an onslaught of new menstrual cup brands popping all over the place. For a would be user, while it is awesome that […]


58 Things You May Not Know That Causes Vaginal Odor

For the longest time, I have wondered what causes vaginal odor. I believe that knowing the root causes can better direct more effective methods to get rid of vaginal odors.  So what causes vaginal odor? Here is a list of 58 plausible reasons in 9 broad categories – Diet, Lifestyle, Clothing Choices, Choice of Sanitary Protection, […]


How To Clean Your Vagina Properly

The good news is, we actually don’t need to clean the vagina per se, because vaginas have wonderful self regulation and cleaning abilities! The pH environment of the vagina is acidic, and that makes it hard for bad bacteria to thrive. What we do need to do, to ensure a clean vagina environment, is to clean the area […]

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