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Best Essential Oils To Help Remove Odor And Make You Smell Better

Did you know that using essential oils can help you to remove vagina odor and make you smell better instantly?Essential oils(EO) can be a great booster to your personal hygiene and odor buster collection.One primary source of vagina odor comes from fungal and bacterial infections.Vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are just two of the […]


Homemade Honey Lemon Tea

Vitamin C is great for boosting our body’s immunity. Improving your immunity is vital for supporting your feminine health! Did you know it is possible to make your own vitamin C syrup with just two ingredients? Today I will share with you a modified version of a traditional korean remedy for boosting immunity and fighting […]


Put Garlic In Vag For BV? Does It Work?

Do you know that one of the more popular home remedy for yeast infection is readily available in your kitchen?For ages, women have reached for the humble garlic as an alternative remedy for yeast infections. Many ladies swear by its effectiveness, and wax lyrical about its fantastic antifungal properties.Just peel one clove and pop it […]


15 Best Natural Diuretic Remedies Which Are Delicious Too!

Our body is amazingly efficient, and peeing is one of the ways our body gets rid of toxins.Frequent urination helps to remove toxins and excess water from our body, keeping it in tip top condition. Alas, modern times are busy times. So much so that we rarely even have the time to drink enough water, […]


Homemade Boric Acid Suppositories

Have a vaginal infection like yeast infection or BV, and want to try alternative treatments instead?
Boric acid suppositories are a popular option among women for yeast infections and BV…..


21 Ways To Make Your Vagina Smell Good Naturally

Ever wondered how to make your vagina smell good? I think smelling fresh is important on many counts – an indication of a healthy body, improves self confidence and makes us feel good! Here a list of things you can do to make your vagina smell good, and these tips should not take you much […]


Top 3 Exercises to Combat Incontinence

Strengthening our pelvic floor muscles is the key to improving and hopefully stop incontinence issues. Why on earth do we want to talk about incontinence when CFO is about reduction of feminine odor, you may ask? Well, there is a strong link between incontinence and feminine odor because women who leak small amounts of urine […]


Pregnancy And Vaginal Odor: How To Deal With The Smell and Discharge Quickly

Pregnancy and vaginal odor may happen concurrently. Sometime, it brings along a host of odor and discharge issues that is enough to send any pregnant woman over the edge! With so many changes within the body, it is no wonder a pregnant woman can sometimes be overwhelmed with the adaptations that the body needs to […]

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