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TCM Series: Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Different medical perspectives look at the human body differently. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the human body in different body constituent types that changes over time. Interestingly, many people may have a mixture of body constituents, not just a single one. If that is the case for you, just refer to the type that contain most […]


7 Reasons Why You Have Bloody Discharge

Okay, the fact that you are here at this page means you:Saw blood stains in your discharge; Probably freaking out now;Want to know if this is normal.Now, blood in vaginal discharge can mean a lot of different things, depending on your age, health condition, and even your level of sexual activity. Let’s now go find out why […]


Best Menstrual Sponge Reviews

Interested to try a menstrual sponge but wondering what is the best menstrual sponge out there? To be honest, when I first came across menstrual sponges while searching for alternatives to tampons and pads, I was fairly intimidated when I read about sea sponges. A quick search on google on sea sponge indicated that the […]


Can You Swim While On Period?

Today’s topic is on “Can you swim while on period?” Love swimming? But don’t think it is possible to swim during period?
Swimming is a great aerobic exercise that improves our cardiovascular health…..


Where To Buy Menstrual Cup?

So you have been thinking about switching to a menstrual cup, and wondering “Where to buy menstrual cup?” Most women tend to buy their first menstrual cups online, via online platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, or directly from the manufacturer’s website….


Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

I hate having heavy flows. I used to worry incessantly about staining my clothes, having enough pads and then having sufficient access to toilets to replace them regularly. Plus that squishy feeling of flooded pads…..