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Can You Swim While On Period?

Today’s topic is on “Can you swim while on period?” Love swimming? But don’t think it is possible to swim during period?
Swimming is a great aerobic exercise that improves our cardiovascular health…..


Where To Buy Menstrual Cup?

So you have been thinking about switching to a menstrual cup, and wondering “Where to buy menstrual cup?” Most women tend to buy their first menstrual cups online, via online platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, or directly from the manufacturer’s website….


Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

I hate having heavy flows. I used to worry incessantly about staining my clothes, having enough pads and then having sufficient access to toilets to replace them regularly. Plus that squishy feeling of flooded pads…..


35 Reasons Why Use Menstrual Cup Rocks

Why use menstrual cup? We all know that using a menstrual cup can be healthier, environmentally friendlier, and easier on the pocket. But did you know that there are waaay more reasons why using a menstrual cup is just so much a better choice? Here’s 35 reasons why you should use a menstrual cup! 1. It is […]


Best Menstrual Cup for Beginners

So you have decided that a menstrual cup is the next logical step for you in sanitary protection? Now the next question would be, with so many cups in the market, which cup would actually be the best to start off with? To help us evaluate the suitability of various menstrual cups (we reviewed more […]


How To Choose The Right Menstrual Cup? Which Is Best For You?

Today, there are hundreds of different kinds of menstrual cups available for sale online and in stores, be it through Amazon, Aliexpress, dedicated website platforms or pharmacies. The past few years have seen an onslaught of new menstrual cup brands popping all over the place. For a would be user, while it is awesome that […]


Smell Test! Menstrual Cup Vs Pads and Tampons

Menstruation can be troublesome at times. Luckily, there are various sanitary products such as pads, tampons and menstrual cups that are in the market to aid us during such times.  Smell wise, there is a higher likelihood for a more pungent scent during that period of the month, mainly due to the increased blood flow, and disruption […]