Can You Swim While On Period?

Can you swim while on period

Today’s topic is on “Can you swim while on period?”

Love swimming? But don’t think it is possible to swim during period?

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise that improves our cardiovascular health. Some women also swim for the calm meditative effect that repetitive motions in water brings.

For many women who love to swim, they are forced to take a break every month when their period comes. But did you know it is actually possible to swim during your period with a menstrual cup?

Technically, the water pressure in the pool sea is usually enough prevent menstrual flow from leaking while swimming, but nobody really wants to be faced with the embarrassing situation of blood flowing down their thighs when they come up after finishing their swim.

But that does not mean that we have to give up swimming during our periods!

I LOVE swimming and detest having to break my weekly routine.

Unfortunately, I had the decency not to make other people swim in water tainted with my blood, so I used to avoid swimming when I am on my period.

That is, until I discovered the menstrual cup.

How To Go Swimming On Your Period

How to go swimming on your period

Wearing a menstrual cup is a great way to circumvent the inconveniences of having our monthly. You can absolutely swim during your period using a menstrual cup.

I do it so regularly that it doesn’t matter whether I am on my period or not when I swim. The cup keeps me well protected, and I basically don’t feel any different when I have my period.

Frog style, crawl, backstroke, whatever the style is, I swim as I like with no reservations as to whether the movements will dislodge my cup (I know it wouldn’t).

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is basically a container (usually bell shaped) that women can put up in their vaginal canal to collect their flow during their menses.

This is a less common and lesser known option of sanitary protection as compared to tampons and sanitary napkins.

The truth is, I can hardly imagine wearing napkins or tampons to swim.

Why Not Napkin Or Tampons?

First up, a napkin will be thoroughly soaked through, and I am pretty sure that diffusion will cause the blood in the napkins to flow into the water.

Some may argue that wearing a tampon solves the dilemma because 1) it stays in your body; 2) it works by absorbing the blood, hence preventing leaks.

Well, most tampons have a cotton string attached which is left outside the body to aid in removal.

I would think that the cotton string would naturally also absorb water and bring it up into our body when we swim.

Frankly, the idea of having water from pools getting sucked into my body repulses me.

Can you imagine the bacteria that we can potentially introduce into our vaginas?

So that is why wearing a tampon to swim is a big NO NO for me.

My Solution To Go Swimming While On Period? - Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup works by adhering against the wall of our vaginal canal to create a good seal, so that blood will flow directly into the cup, instead of flowing out.

Wearing a correctly sized cup properly ensures great leak protection, which means that the blood remains inside the cup, inside our body.

When worn correctly, most women report that it can be very comfortable, so much so that they sometimes forget they are on their periods. Just as I have!

A menstrual cup is also a safer and healthier sanitary protection option, as it is usually made from hypoallergenic material, and will not affect the pH level of the vaginal canal.

Most commercial tampons and sanitary napkins contain cotton which are bleached white and farmed using pesticides. Using them may encourage potential leaching of bleach, toxins and pesticides into our bodies.

Why on earth would we want to do that?

Staying Healthy With Menstrual Cup

The pH of vaginas is usually more acidic, which helps to prevent growth of bad bacteria, that can lead to infections.

We tend to be more vulnerable to infections during our periods because the pH environment becomes less acidic due to hormonal changes.

As the cup functions as a container, it does not absorb liquids, unlike tampons and napkins.

The cup also adheres snugly inside my body, creating a good seal such that big movements does not prop it out of place.

That means I can swim with a peace of mind without worrying that my cup would slip out when I kick vigorously.

For me, it just makes sense to use a menstrual cup when I go swimming during my periods. That way, I can stay healthy, while using a healthier sanitary protection option!

Interested to try a menstrual cup but don’t know which to choose?

If you are an avid swimmer like me, and is intrigued by the thought of using a menstrual cup to swim when you are on your period, you might be interested to check out these menstrual cups which are great for beginners.

Or these menstrual cups which are great for women who experience heavy flow.

So Can You Swim While On Period? Yes

If you wear menstrual cup, swimming without leakage is easy.

No more blood soaked tampons or napkins.

Swim to your fill. 

So do you swim when you are on your period?

Let me know your experiences if you do try swimming with a menstrual cup during your period!

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