Best Wet Wipes For Feminine Hygiene To Make You Smell Better In An Instant

Gearing up for a hot date later, or just want to feel fresh down there?

Let me tell you a simple trick that can refresh you in an instant.

Wet wipes.

A good replacement if you don’t have ready access to showers or clean water, wet wipes can clean you up easily, removing perspiration, discharge and any odor causing bacteria conveniently.

The end result? Feeling fresh and cleaner in a swipe (sorry, can’t resist this).

You may be surprised to know that the application of wet wipes for personal hygiene purposes is actually a fairly recent thing.

According to Wikipedia, companies like Procter & Gamble, and Kimberly-Clark only started marketing wet wipes as alternatives to the humble toilet paper in 2005.

Are Wet Wipes Safe To Use?

There has been conflicting messages about whether it is safe to use feminine wipes or not.

Some argue that while some wipes tout to be pH balanced and good for your skin, the other chemicals like parabens and alcohols that are commonly found in wipes can still irritate the skin around your vagina.

On the other hand, using well made wipes can actually help improve your feminine hygiene, after going to the toilet, especially if you have no access to clean toilet paper and water source.

The key word here is, of course, well made.

For those who have been long time readers of CFO, you would know that I am NOT a fan of synthetically scented products for cleaning.

There are many reasons why, but to keep the long story short, the more synthetic ingredients there are in a wipe, the higher the risks for skin irritation and other health implications.

Hands up for those who have bought feminine wipes and ended up thoroughly disappointed by the harsh chemical smells or the burning sensation that follows after use?

So, I would say that wet wipes are generally safe to use for feminine cleansing, if they are made well with minimal harsh chemicals or damaging preservatives.

Why Don’t We Just Use Toilet Paper Instead?

Well, you can.

For me, I typically avoid using toilet paper in outside toilets because

  1. Flushing the toilet causes water droplets to spread within confined space; 
  2. Toilet paper is highly moisture absorbent and usually in close proximity to the toilet.

Add these two factors together, I refuse to use outside toilet paper on principle.

Some toilet paper are also quite badly made.

You will need to ply at least 3 to 4 stacks upon each other to use, otherwise it will just automatically disintegrate upon contact with moisture, leaving bits and pieces of fibers in places you don’t want them to be in, or touching stuff you don’t want to touch. 

At home, I typically use water to wash up after my businesses. Then I use homemade dry feminine wipes to pat dry afterwards.

Lest you feel eww-ish, I’ll have you know that many cultures around the world actually do prefer to use water to clean after their business.

Cue to the bidets found in Japan, Southern European countries like Italy and many other southeast Asian countries.

Personally, I believe that water is the best thing we can use for cleaning our privates.

And it’s not just me!

According to Dr. Jennifer Gunter, a San Francisco Bay Area-based OB-GYN,

“Water is all you truly need in order to clean your vulva.”

Golden Rules For Choosing Wipes For Feminine Washing

  1. Primarily water based
  2. Minimal ingredients, preferably unscented

Interestingly, the best wet wipes for feminine hygiene are actually not those which are made as feminine wipes.

Those may smell good, and tout a plethora of skin moisturizing extracts like aloe and camomile extracts and what not.


When we talk about feminine washing, less is actually worth much much more.

The more ingredients manufacturers add to your wipes, the more chemicals they need to add to stabilize it to not let it go bad.

Which essentially means more chemicals get absorbed in your body.

You will be surprised when you check out the ingredients list of most feminine wipes. I can barely pronounce some of the words written in there.

Remember water is your best friend when it comes to washing?

The ideal wet wipe should be made with just water. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best kinds of wet wipes in the market are actually made for babies.

Best Unscented Wipes For Feminine Hygiene






Where to Buy


3.5 out of 4

3.5 out of 4

3.5 out of 4


Win's Coin Tissue

3.0 out of 4

3.5 out of 4

2.5 out of 4


Medline's Clothwipe

2.0 out of 4

3.0 out of 4

2.0 out of 4


Best Unscented Wet Wipes For Feminine Hygiene - Waterwipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Waterwipes Sensitive Baby Wipes gets top nod of approval for the best unscented wet wipes for feminine hygiene.

On its packaging, Waterwipes boldly states that their wipes are made with 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract.

I checked the ingredients list and this was what it was stated - water and grapefruit seed extract.

Lest you get all romantic and go..

Ooo fruit extract, sounds healthy, I shall now proceed to burst your bubble.

In my opinion, the grapefruit seed extract is more likely there to stabilize the product, because it has antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, rather than to up the fortified skincare factor.

That being said, these wipes remains the most outstanding wet wipes for feminine cleansing because it is made with very minimal ingredients - just two.

The Pros

Minimal Ingredients

Made with just two ingredients - water and grapefruit seed extract,

Waterwipes Sensitive baby wipes are as about the most pure water wet wipes you can get in the market.

No harsh chemicals or damaging preservatives. 


Soft But Sturdy

These wipes are gentle on your feminine bits, yet not flimsy.

Some find the wipes wee thin, but I don’t really have a problem with it.

Personally, I find it more than adequate as a feminine wet wipe - be it size or texture. I never had one disintegrating on me once.


I don’t think that thicker is necessarily better, and can sometimes border on wastefulness, especially when not all the wipe material is actually used.


Although made for babies, who’s to say you can’t use it as a feminine wet wipe? 

On the Waterwipes website, usage recommendations include -  weaning, teething, cleaning of baby's hands and face, adult's sensitive skin care as well as elderly skin care.

If it’s safe enough to put inside a baby’s teeth, it’s good enough for our vagina.


Available both in travel packs (10 counts in a pack) and bulk packs, it is easy to slip the travel pack in your purse and leave the bulk pack under the washbasin.


Compared to other travel sized packs, Waterwipes is super affordable, if you look at the cost per piece, especially when you buy the bulk packs (12 packs of 10 counts).


For the quality that it offers, I consider it super value for money!

The Cons

Not Eco Friendly 

The wipes itself is made of 20% viscose and 80% polyester so only 20% of the wipe is biodegradable (the viscose part).


You are strongly recommended to discard it instead of flushing it down the toilet, unless you want to test the limits of the plumbing system of your toilet.

Limited Shelf Life

This is more applicable if you are buying the bulk pack version. 

There are some people online who shared that some of their waterwipes went moldy after a while.


I suspect it could be very well due to storage conditions.

On a bright note, going moldy means that these wipes  really have no added preservatives! The website recommends a 15 months shelf life.


Personally, because I use the travel packs, I haven’t had any issues at all. They get used up pretty quickly as they are so versatile.

In all, Waterwipes Sensitive Baby wipes top the wet wipes market for the best unscented wet wipes for feminine cleansing purposes.

It is made well with only water and grapefruit seed extract. It works exactly as described - keeps you fresh and clean in an instant! And you don’t have to worry about introducing harmful preservatives and chemicals into your body.

The best of it? It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket even with regular usage because it is so darn affordable.

Best Unscented Dry Wipes For Feminine Cleansing - Win's Compressed Coin Tissues

Hah! I bet you weren’t expecting this.

Like I said, water is the best medium for feminine cleansing.

If you have access to toilets that have sinks that provide a clean source of water, I totally recommend you to consider getting dry wipes instead.

You just have to add water and viola, wet wipes with only 1 ingredient - WATER!

The best unscented dry wipes for feminine hygiene is the market right now is Win’s Compressed Coin Tissues.

Made from viscose rayon, which are from wood pulp, these babies are biodegradable.

Coin tissues are these nifty towelettes that are compressed into the shape of coins (about 2 grams each). Just add water and watch the coin rise into a cylindrical roll. Simply unroll and use.

The Pros

No Added Chemicals

No synthetic detergent, fragrances, preservatives, alcohol. Nothing but the water you add to it in order to use it.

Soft And Durable

These wipes doesn’t scratch your delicate skin down there when sufficiently moistened. 

They also don’t leave scraps of fiber, and relatively durable, so much so that the manufacturer suggest that they can be rinsed and reused.

Er... for feminine cleansing purpose, I strongly recommend one time usage for hygiene reasons. But as they are quite durable, you usually only have to use 1 piece at a time.

Discreetly Convenient

Weighing only at 2 grams each, these ‘coins’ are easy to carry around and discreet enough for you to bring to the bathroom without any questions asked.


Because you are essentially only using water to clean, you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. Its usage is truly only limited by your imagination.


Available in bulk packs of 500 pieces, these wipes cost as low as $0.06 per count on Amazon.

The Cons

Problematic Fabric

Some people are uncomfortable with using materials made from rayon.

Rayon can be considered as a semi-synthetic fabric, as they are derived from chemical-heavy industrial processes.

The consolation we can take is that rayon is usually washed multiple times and tend to be considered safe enough for usage by the time it reaches consumers.

However, if this is non negotiable for you, the best way to make sure the fabric that touches you is safe is to make your own dry feminine wipes from fabric sources that you can trust.

Not Flushable Down The Toilet

Even though they are biodegradable, they aren’t made to be flushed down the toilet because they are so durable. 

Noteworthy Mention - Medline's Ultrasoft Disposable Dry Cleansing Cloth Wipe

Another noteworthy mention for dry wipes is Medline’s Ultrasoft Disposable Dry Cleansing Cloth Wipe.

These wipes are smooth and soft, with no additives or fragrance, making it a safe option for feminine cleansing.

They are relatively big too, measuring at 10” x 13”.

These are also absorbent, so the wipes don’t dry out easily when moistened. In all, Medline’s ultrasoft disposable dry wipes provide very similar benefits as with Win’s.

Customer reviews on Amazon gave it an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, and the people at Amazon like it so much that it’s ranked as Amazon’s choice for dry wipes - for its high rating and good pricing.

Medline’s dry wipes are awesome if you are cost conscious, because you can easily get 500 pieces for less than $20.

However, the two reasons why they are marked down than Win’s compressed coin tissues are:


1. Not As Conveniently Discreet.

These wipes are packed 50 pieces in a pack, which makes it a bit bulky to carry around, especially when outside.  

2. Unclear Fabric Source

The fabric is constructed by a process called spunlace - meaning it is non woven. Nowhere on the website states specifically what the cloth is made of, so points are deducted for non disclosure. 

Regardless, using dry wipes for feminine cleansing are great if you have access to clean water because you get to make sure no additives are added to your wipes.

It is also a really convenient and healthy way to keep you feeling fresh all day. 

In conclusion, Waterwipes, Win’s compressed coin tissues and Medline’s Ultrasoft disposable wipes are all great options for wipes for feminine hygiene.

Each product offers a unique set of advantages (be it dry or wet, convenience, cost, durability etc) to suit your everyday needs, especially when you are out and on the go. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go get fresh 🙂

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