Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow

Best Menstrual Cup For Heavy Flow

I hate having heavy flows.

I used to worry incessantly about staining my clothes, having enough pads and then having sufficient access to toilets to replace them regularly.

Plus that squishy feeling of flooded pads. Yeww.

I used to think that everyone within 1 metre radius of me could hear them.

I wonder if it is just me, but I tend to associate heavier flows with worser menstrual cramps.

Lo and behold! Healthline indicated that a risk factor for more painful menstruation is linked with heavy bleeding.

I was right!

Ever since discovering menstrual cups, I genuinely believe that my worries and pain symptoms have been alleviated. Goodbye agony.

Hello, what? I’m on my period?

Because knowing how to wear a cup properly literally means no leak. And NO ODOR.

Other than containing the blood in the cup, the cup also acts as a seal on the cervix, and that blocks blood from flowing out as well as any potential foul smelling odor.

To me, that means a cleaner feeling, a fresher period.

Anecdotally, it appears that wearing a cup for some people can reduce their period length, as well as intensity of cramps.

According to CEMCOR, a person is considered to have heavy flow (menorrhagia) if there is flow of more than 80 ml or 16 soaked menstrual pads per menstrual period.

Based on my experiences with various different menstrual cups, as well as extensive research on over 30 brands of menstrual cups, I think these cups are a great fit for people with heavier than normal flows.

Our Pick For Best Menstrual Cup For Heavy Flow

When it comes to heavy flow, the Mooncup (UK) tops the list for being the best menstrual cup for those heavy days.

Mooncup logo
Mooncup with box

Average Cost per cup:
From $24.7 onward
From £18.10 onward

Official website:

Not to be confused with Gladrag’s Moon Cup (which is made in United States), the Mooncup (UK) is one of the earliest entries in the menstrual cup market, making its debut in 2002 as the world’s first silicone menstrual cup.

Made in the United Kingdom, this reusable menstrual cup has a solid reputation for producing well made cups that can handle high flow volume.

The Specs

Let’s start off by discussing the specs of the Mooncup (UK).

The Mooncup (UK) has one level of firmness and two different sizes to cater to women at different stages of their lives.

Firmness Level

The firmness of Mooncup (UK) has been described to be between that of the Diva and the Keeper (by Gladrags).

Softer than the Diva, but less firm than the Keeper, many women reported that the firmness level of the Mooncup (UK) is perfect for that good seal and contributes to a sense of not wearing anything.


Mooncup Size A

Cup A:

  • 71mm long
  • 46mm wide
  • 29.3 ml capacity


Suitable for women who are over 30 years old and/or have given birth vaginally.

Mooncup type B

Cup B:

  • 71mm long
  • 43mm wide
  • 28.8ml capacity

Suitable for women who are under 30 years old, and/or experienced caesarean births, or have strong pelvic muscles.

The Pros

Both sizes can hold heavy flow

Both sizes have capacity above 28 mls. Most women with heavy flow tend to empty their cups with a higher frequency (on average every four hours) with no problem of leakage.

Great leak proof protection

Many women remarked how free they feel upon switching to the Mooncup(UK) because of the leak proof protection.

Odor free

While providing a good seal to prevent leakage, the seal also helps to contain menstrual flow related odor.

Measurement available

The Mooncup (UK) has markings on the cup that enables users to tell how much blood they have lost, which can be helpful to those who want to know their exact blood loss per period and/or track their period patterns.


Made of soft medical grade silicone, the Mooncup (UK) does not contain phthalates, toxins, BPA, plastics, dyes or bleach.

Easy to maintain

Smooth surface that enables blood stains to be washed off easily.


Though not the cheapest in the market, the Mooncup (UK) is competitively priced amongst popular brands. It is considered a great buy for its quality, as well as longevity (can last for many years when cared for properly).

The Flaw

Difficulty in removal
Some online reviewers stated difficulty in removing their Mooncups due to the strong suction, which is a side effect of the design to get a good seal to prevent leaks.

The stem is designed to alleviate the concern, and users can customize their comfort by trimming the tab to an appropriate length.

The Analysis

1. You experience heavy flow volume.

The Mooncup is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow as it has great holding capacity as compared to established competitors in the market.

The average volume for most reputable cup brands range from 20-25 mls. Both sizes of the Mooncup (UK) boasts of at least a storage volume of 28.8ml.

What that means is that you get to choose between the two sizes available that will suit you best.

Having 2 sizes to choose from is an advantage because for most other brands, you are likely to be left with the larger sized one if you are looking for higher capacity.

However a larger cup may not be the best fit for you.

Proper fit is most paramount to having an optimal experience with menstrual cups. Without a proper fit, leaks can occur, which is the very thing we want to avoid.

Hence, by having two sizes to chose, the Mooncup (UK) gives you a higher chance of getting a cup that suits your life stage best, thus optimizing your menstrual cup experience.

Go for Mooncup B if you are under 30 years old, or have given birth via cesarean, or have very strong pelvic floor muscles.

Mooncup A is better for women who had vaginal births or are over 30 years old.

Most competitors only have larger volume size for their bigger sized cups, which may mean that women requiring smaller sized cups do not get the advantage of bigger volume cups.

Fans of the Mooncup (UK) swear by the great leak proof coverage provided by it when worn properly, giving them a good peace of mind as they go about their daily activities.

There are even anecdotal reports of users reporting lighter flows and less intense menstrual cramps as a result of wearing the Mooncup (UK).


2. You have normal or high cervix length

The problem with higher than average cervix positions is that cups that are shorter can ride up quite far along the vaginal canal, making it difficult to reach or remove the cup.

This is a genuine concern, supported by many horror stories of women using other brands ending up in hospital ERs to get the cups removed because they cannot find it or find it difficult to remove.

The average length of a vaginal canal is about four to five inches (or 10.2cm-12.7cm).

The total length of the Mooncup (UK) for both sizes are 71mm.

The length of the cup is 50mm, which is a relatively long cup, as compared to other cups in the market. A longer cup means that even though it may ride up, the length makes it easier to reach.

In addition, compared to other cups with shorter tabs, Mooncup(UK)’s ribbed tab stem is 21mm long, and hence provides a good leverage length to pull out when you need to remove it.

The ribbed tab also provides for a good grip so that removal can be a breeze.

Not sure about your cervix length? In a nutshell, positioning of cervix can be determined by the knuckle rule.

Your cervix is considered low if you reach up with your ring finger and can touch your cervix with just the first knuckle inserted.

Likewise, if you reach in and can touch your cervix till the second knuckle, your cervix position is considered average.

If you have to reach in all the way to touch your cervix, or still cannot touch it despite reaching all the way in, it means that you have a higher than average cervix position.


3. You are looking for a healthier sanitary protection option

The first menstrual cup in the market that is made of soft medical grade silicone, the Mooncup (UK) is hypoallergenic and latex free.

Unlike most cotton sanitary protections, it does not contain bleach, dyes, BPD, phthalates, plastic, toxins or pesticides.

In addition, as the Mooncup (UK) serves to only contain the menstrual flow, it does not dry out your vagina like how some tampons does.

The Mooncup (UK) also does not leave behind any fibre remnants that may result in infections. Similarly, it also eliminates concerns for toxic shock syndrome (TSS).


4. You prefer something that is low in maintenance.

Although available in one color – clear, the Mooncup (UK) is easy to clean because you can easily spot where to wash out.

Other colored cups may be harder to clean properly due to missed stains, masked by the color of the cup.

Many women also report that due to its smooth texture, the Mooncup (UK) does not leave behind a residual film on the cup inner surface, like some other menstrual cups do.


5. You are socially responsible.

When cared for properly, the Mooncup (UK) can last for years. This means eliminating the monthly waste contributed to the environment when you use conventional sanitary products like pads and tampons.

The packaging and promotional materials includes Fairtrade unbleached organic cotton storage bag and the user instructions are printed on 100% recycled paper,

In addition, the company that manufactures the Mooncup (UK) has been evaluated to be an “ethical business” entity, and is active in supporting charities.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention and Endometriosis UK are some of the charities that were supported in 2016 by Mooncup (UK).


6. You prefer to buy from reputable companies

The Mooncup (UK) is manufactured in the UK, and the proximity to the factory allows the company to be closely involved in the production of the menstrual cups and hence maintaining good quality control.

The manufacturer has been ISO 13485 certified since 2012, and the ISO 13485 is an internationally recognized standard for the design and manufacturing of medical devices.

It is also FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) registered, ensuring a strict global standard with regards to the production process.

There are, of course other cheaper menstrual cups that are available in the market, and usually the cost is pushed down by manufacturing in countries whereby the standards of quality may be questionable.

As the menstrual cup is something that we place intimately within our body, it may be wise to procure it from reputable companies that can guarantee its quality.

Where To Buy Mooncup?

Mooncup with box

We do not sell Mooncup (UK) .

We only review and recommend them as we believe they will be helpful for you. Please refer the product questions to the manufacturer directly.

Mooncups (UK) are sold by several retailers and online stores.

For credibility and ease of delivery, we recommend getting them from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.


Noteworthy Mention: Sckoon Cup (Size 2) and Lena Cup (Large)

Sckoon Logo
Sckoon cup

Average Cost per cup:
From $27.9 onward

Official website:


Average Cost per cup:
From $24.9 onward

Official website:

Both the Sckoon Cup (Size 2) and Lena Cup (Large) are close contenders for great menstrual cup options for women with heavy flow.

Why Sckoon And Lena Are Great Menstrual Cup Options For Heavy Flow?

Both cups are manufactured in the US, and are registered with FDA for safe usage.

Capacity wise, both cups can hold up to 30mls, so they are great for heavy flow days.

They are each available in 2 sizes and one firmness level.

Between the Sckoon and Lena Cup, the Sckoon is much softer.

Some women who are more sensitive down there may prefer the softer Sckoon, while women with strong pelvic muscles may appreciate the firmness of the Lena Cup more.

Both cups also earned strong reviews on Amazon, with good reviews on its good seal and leak proof protection.

On Amazon, Sckoon averages a 4.4 stars rating while Lena garners a 4.6 stars rating, which is pretty outstanding for a market packed with menstrual cups options.

Longevity wise, both cups can last for years when well cared for.

The initial start up cost of buying one cup is usually amortized with 4 to 5 cycles of usage, as compared to the cost of buying tampons and/or sanitary napkins.

Aesthetically, the Sckoon and Lena are more visually appealing, with Sckoon having 6 color options, and Lena, available in pink and turquoise.

The Specs:

Sckoon cup large measurement

Sckoon Cup (Size 2)

  • 70mm long
  • 45mm wide
  • 30 ml capacity
Lena Cup Large dimension

Lena Cup (Large)

  • 70.5mm long
  • 45mm wide
  • 30 ml capacity

Design wise, both cups have exceptional reasons why they are ahead of the pack.


The Sckoon, for example, is smaller than popular brand Diva cup, despite having similar holding capacity (30mls). This makes for a more comfortable fit, as there are many reviewers who are intimidated by Diva’s size.

In addition, the seamless design of Sckoon makes for a more comfortable wear as the cup is made in one piece, unlike most cups that manufactures the stem and cup separately before melding the pieces together.

Furthermore, its material is malleable enough to fold easily (be it the c fold or the e fold) to allow comfortable insertion and removal.

Product range wise, the manufacturer also produces organic menstrual cloth pads, and does offer the option of pairing a menstrual cup with a cloth pad kit, for those who are keen on going green all the way, or weary of just wearing a cup without additional protection.

Price wise, it would appear that Amazon often has discounts that make it more affordable to buy via Amazon than directly from the manufacturer’s website.


The Lena is also smoothly designed to be worn comfortably, while maintaining its firmness. The firmness makes insertion for leak proof protection easy.

The grip rings of the cup stem makes it easy for users to grip on so that despite the moist condition, removal of the cup is still a breeze.

User reviews often remark how wearing the Lena Cup makes it easy for them to forget that they are on their periods because the design fits well in the body, creating a “not there” sensation!

Product range wise, Lena cups are available online via Amazon in dual cup options, meaning, you can get both sizes (small and large) for a cheaper rate. That being said, the small Lena cup only have holding capacity of 25 mls.

The Analysis

Both the Sckoon Cup and Lena Cup are great investments for those with heavy flows if:

1. You prefer to buy Made in US products.
Both products are manufactured in the United States, and registered with the FDA as safe products to use.

2. You know your recommended sizing veers towards larger sized cups.
The Sckoon Cup (Size 2) and large Lena cup have great holding capacity at 30mls.

3. You are looking for something that will eliminate menstrual related odor.
Technically, menstrual flow starts to have odor when the blood comes in contact with air. When worn properly with the correct sizing, the flow remains contained in the cup, rendering an odor free experience!

Both the Sckoon and Lena have great reputations for providing a good seal and being leak proof.

4. You prefer more colorful (albeit still safe) cups as compared to the common clear/translucent cup.
There are 6 colors to choose from for Sckoon and 2 colors to choose from for Lena.

The Sckoon Cup even comes with cute pouches made from organic cotton to hold your cup!

5. You want to do your part for the environment.
Both cups are reusable, and can last for years when well cared for.

Thus, by choosing to use the Sckoon or the Lena, you are minimizing the potential waste you would have contributed to the environment if you stuck with disposables.

Where To Buy Sckoon Cup and Lena Cup?

We do not sell Sckoon Cup and Lena Cup.

We only review and recommend them as we believe they will be helpful for you. Please refer the product questions to the manufacturer directly.

Sckoon Cup and Lena Cup are sold by several retailers and online stores. For credibility and ease of delivery, we recommend getting them from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer.

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