Best Menstrual Cup for Beginners

Best Menstrual Cup for Beginner

So you have decided that a menstrual cup is the next logical step for you in sanitary protection?

Now the next question would be, with so many cups in the market, which cup would actually be the best to start off with?

To help us evaluate the suitability of various menstrual cups (we reviewed more than 30 brands  and evaluated in order to make this recommendation!), we researched rigorously a list of criteria that people look out for when they are first starting out on their menstrual cup journey.

Here is what we found out, and the cups we thought would make a good menstrual cup for beginners.

To start off with, any good menstrual cup should have the following basic characteristics:

    1. Right fit.
    2. Leak proof.
    3. Hypoallergenic material
    4. Comfortable to wear
    5. Easy to remove
    6. Good odor containment

These six factors should form the basic criteria for assessment for any good menstrual cup. If you are interested,this article has an in depth discussion about the above six characteristics.


Our Pick For The Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners

You could spend a lot more on an far more established brand name for a menstrual cup as your starter cup, but we think the Yuuki cup blows the competition away with its solid make as well as affordable pricing as a starter cup.

Yuuki Logo
Yuuki Cups

Average Cost per cup:
$13 – $23
€17 – €23
£18.50 – £28.50

Official Website:

The Yuuki Cup is made by a Czech company, using German made medical grade silicon. It is offered in two firmness levels and in two sizes. 

Since its foray into the menstrual cup market, it has garnered a solid fanbase (both Amazon reviews as well as online reviews) that is worth noticing. 

The company proved that it listens to the market’s needs when they introduced the Soft Yuuki, as response to the feedback regarding the firmness of the Classic Yuuki.

On the web, it seemed that the company’s customer service is also top notch, with fast international delivery and good response rate.

So why should you choose the Yuuki Cup as your beginner menstrual cup?

If you have more or less decided to try a menstrual cup, and just want a recommendation for what to choose, just skim down to next part for our recommendation on what Yuuki Cups to choose.

If you prefer to have more data to help you make your choices, skim further down for the analysis for a lowdown on the specs, pros and flaws, as well as our evaluation on why the Yuuki Cup makes for a compelling story for a beginner’s cup.


Our Recommendation

yuuki-menstrual cup small large soft
Duo Pack (Small and Large Soft)

From $25.50
From €32.80

For a beginner, we recommend to get the duo pack for small and large soft Yuuki Cup with the infuser box.

Having both sizes eliminates sizing indecision, as well as having the options to cater to different flow volume throughout the period.

As compared to more established brands in the market, the duo pack option is much more affordable.

With the infuser box, it makes carrying and caring for the cups a breeze.

It is well made and have good reputable for being a comfortable wear and easy to remove. The good seal and design also helps with reducing odor, which supports a pleasant odor free menses.

Now for the analysis (drumroll please!!!)


Yuuki Cup Review: The Specs

Let’s start by discussing the specs of the Yuuki Cup. 

The defining features of this cup design include its two levels of firmness, as well as its two sizes, effectively catering for women of varying needs. The company also provides 3 different product ranges, that allows the user to choose the package that best suits their needs and pocket size. 

Firmness Level:


Also known as the rock, the Classic Yuuki is one of the firm-mer cups in the menstrual cup market. The firmness is great for people with strong pelvic muscles and holds its shape well inside without collapsing. This aids in helping the product to remain leak proof when placed correctly.



As mentioned earlier, the Yuuki Cup makers responded to market’s desire for a softer cup and came up with an ultra-soft medical grade silicone cup that manages to hold its form despite the softness. The ability to hold its form contributes to creating a great seal to prevent leaking.


yuuki cup sizes

Cup No. 1 (Small)

  • 67mm long
  • 42mm wide
  • 24ml capacity

Suitable for young teenagers, women who had not have vaginal births, or have strong pelvic muscles or have light/medium flow.

Cup No. 2 (Large)

  • 75mm long
  • 47mm wide
  • 37 ml capacity

Suitable for women who had vaginal births, wider vaginal canal or have heavy flow.

Product Ranges

Yuuki Cups are available in three product ranges.


The Economic

It is a no frills pack that contains one Yuuki Cup, available in both firmness levels and sizes. It does not contain the infuser box and instructions.

However, you can easily download the user instructions on the official website.

It is the most inexpensive and eco friendly option.


The Cup with Infuser Box

Essentially, you are paying more to include the infuser box and instruction sheet in your package.

The infuser box aids in the maintenance of the cup, as well as eliminate the need to boil your Yuuki cup over the stove.

This can come in useful for a beginner menstrual cup user, who does not need to be overwhelmed by the logistics of cleaning the cup the traditional way.


The DUO Pack with Infuser Box

Great value for money, the duo pack boast of 2 Yuuki cups, with any configuration of the two firmness levels and sizes that you like, as well as the infuser box.  

As a beginner, the duo pack is more than adequate to set your mind at rest with regards to sizing choices as well as maintenance issues.


Hypoallergenic Material:
Made from German medical grade silicon, the Yuuki cup does not contain dyes or phthalates.

Comfortable to Wear, Leak Proof:
As a starter cup, the Soft Yuuki is more comfortable to wear, while maintaining great form that allows it to pop open easily to form an effective seal to prevent leaks.

Odor Proof:
A good seal provides good odor containment. The design of the cup also makes it easy to clean and hence less difficult to trap blood between grooves that can lead to odor.

Easy To Remove:
Removal is also a breeze with its hallowed stem as it makes for easier grip and smoother to pull out.

The Yuuki cup is a mid range cup in terms of affordability, not as much as well known brands like Diva Cup, and Lunette. In fact, if you get the duo pack, it will still be cheaper overall as compared to buy 1 cup of the more expensive brands.

In addition, the cup is purported to have a shelf life of 10 years, with appropriate care and maintenance. You can easily break even with the cost with just 4-5 cycles. That being said, the manufacturer’s warranty is good for two years.

High Volume:
The large Yuuki cup holds up to 37 ml. The larger cups in the market – the Meluna (XL) at 42 ml, and Luv Ur Body (L) at 43 ml, holds approximately 5-6 mls more, while the industry’s average volume for large cups ranges from 25 ml to 30 ml.

Many women with heavy flow reported being satisfied with the holding range for the large Yuuki. Even the small Yuuki cup comes close in terms of holding ability, at 24 ml.

Easy To Maintain:
Maintenance wise, you can choose to get the set that has the infuser box, which functions both as a carrier and as a container to wash your Yuuki cup.

Best of it all, you can easily pop it in the microwave for some sterilizing action! Goodbye, boiling pot!

yuuki cup cleaning

Products wise, the company that manufactures the Yuuki Cup also sells a disinfecting liquid in spray form, known as Aquaint.

This spray is “Allergy Friendly”, as endorsed by Allergy UK and is purported to kill 99.9% of bacteria in seconds.  

According to the official website, a 50 ml bottle is equivalent to 450 doses of disinfectant. This makes cleaning a breeze when you are outside.

No access to basins?

No worries, just a wipe down and a spray does the job.


May Not Be Suitable For Low Cervix:
At 67mm, the small Yuuki is still longer in length than many of the smaller cups in the market, which averages around 62mm.

If you have a low cervix, you may want to consider shorter cups like a MeLuna Shorty instead.

Infuser Cup Design (but should not be a deal breaker)
A word of caution though, the infuser box gets really hot after sterilization, it is best to wait until the cup is fully cooled down before proceeding to retrieve your cup.

In addition, just add enough water to cover the rim of the cup, not to the rim of the infuser box, to avoid potential boil over, which was an issue reported by some users.


As a starter cup,we highly recommend getting the duo package (one small and one large Soft Yuuki cup, with the infuser box). The advantages of getting the duo package are:

  1. Having the choice of two cup sizes reduces concerns of right sizing. If you are getting this for a teenager or a someone who had just started menstruating, it is recommended to try the small Soft Yuuki first. If you know you have strong pelvic muscles, you may want to consider the duo pack with a combination of Classic and Soft firm level instead of both Soft Yuuki.
  2. Flow volume is not consistent throughout the cycle. Most women tend to experience heavier flows in the first few days before tapering down to a lighter flow. Having two different cup sizes to interchange based on flow volume is a neat idea.
  3. Cost wise, the Yuuki Cup is one of the more economical choices in the market, and the duo package provides great value, be it in terms of affordability and fit. As a starter cup, you may not want to spend as much money on a cup that may not get used more than once if for some reason, it just doesn’t work for you.
  4. The classic Yuuki is one of the more firm cups available in the market, and may be too hard/painful for a first timer cup user. Reviews have shown that the soft Yuuki, despite being softer, is easy to pop open and provide good adherence to prevent leaks. Which makes for a more pleasant experience for the first timer.
  5. The learning curve for using the Yuuki Cup is not too steep, and most report it usually takes at least one cycle to get used to wearing it. Afterwhich, you forget that you are wearing it.

Based on the analysis, the Yuuki Cup appears to be the best menstrual cup for beginners for most people to start off with in the current market.

However, please note that there ARE individual differences, and what may be best for one may not be so for another.

The only sure way you would know is only if you tried menstrual cups yourself and give yourself some time to learn about wearing it comfortably.

Where To Buy Yuuki Cups?

We do not sell Yuuki Menstrual Cups. We only review and recommend them as we believe they will be helpful for you. Please refer the product questions to the manufacturer directly.

Yuuki Menstrual Cups are sold by several retailers and online stores. For credibility and ease of delivery, we recommend getting them from Amazon.


Noteworthy Mentions: Anigan Evacup

Evacup sunset

Average Cost per cup:
$19.99 – $49.95
£26.99 – £34.99

Official Website:

The Anigan EvaCup comes in as a close runner up with equally similar competitive advantages as the Yuuki.

Made in the US, it is made of FDA approved medical grade silicon and holds up to 37ml, as much as the large Yuuki Cup. This makes the Evacup suitable for heavy flow.

It is equally affordable, as compared to other established US brands like the Diva, and is offered in a twin pack as well!

In terms of maintenance, the Eva Cup also offers a collapsible cup that can be used in the microwave. The collapsible design makes for even more convenient and discreet carriage!

Angian Evacup Review: The Specs

With the Anigan Evacup, we are looking at specifications of 2 different sizes (small and large), and 1 level of firmness. If color is an important consideration factor for you, you are in for a treat because the Evacup provides a wide range of colors that you choose from!

Firmness Level:

The Evacup has only of one firmness level, as compared to the two that Yuuki Cup has.

Multiple online reviews noted that the Evacup is much more flexible than the established cups in the market, which can be a double edge sword.

What’s not to like?

While it can be more comfortable to wear, some users have indicated having difficulty in getting the cup to pop open initially. Difficulty in opening the cup may result in leakage! 

It also has a relatively shorter stem, that some reviewers noted. This can lead to some difficulty in removing your cup, especially if you have a high cervix.


Cup No. 1 (Small)

  • 62mm long
  • 43mm wide
  • 30ml capacity

Suitable for women before childbirth

Evacup size small

Cup No. 2 (Large)

  • 67mm long
  • 46mm wide
  • 37ml capacity

Suitable for women above 30, and/or after childbirth, have a high cervix

Evacup size large


Evacup different colors

The Evacup has 9 different colors: sunset, cherry blossom, aqua, meadow, blizzard blue, lavender, chartreuse, rose and moonstone (technically opaque).


Due to its popularity, there is increasing proliferation of made in China knock off Eva Cups which are sold much cheaper on sites like Alibaba.

The quality of the cup material is of concern, and while Anigan has taken legal steps to enforce their copyrights, it does not seem to have a huge impact in the knock off market.

Due to these concerns, it is really important to make sure that you buy from official sites and established and reputable sellers!

So why should you choose the Anigan EvaCup?

  1. If you prefer to support made in North America products.
  2. You are interested in getting a flexible, softer cup.
  3. You prefer getting something colorful. At present, Anigan has a range of 9 colors, as compared to Yuuki’s one and only transparent cup.
  4. You want to buy it as a gift for someone. The Anigan Evacup has a really great range of thoughtful gift sets. The only issue is that each gift set only contains one cup, so you have to make a decision on the sizing based on their recommendation of pre birth (small) or postpartum(large).

If you are interested to get the Anigan EvaCup as your beginner cup, we recommend to get the twin pack of small and large cup (fewer color choices). Its preferable to get from Amazon instead, because it seems to be retailing more expensively at their official site.



Remember, while the recommendations are made based on rigorous evaluations on testing results as well as review reports, it may still not work for you, for various reasons like cervix height, or strength of your pelvic muscle.

For beginner cups, affordable and wellmade cups are the way to go to test your body’s suitability without breaking the bank and ending up traumatized.

The Yuuki Cup and the EvaCup are great starting points for a beginner.

Last parting words, If you never try, you will never know!

Okay, really, one last one – if you go cup, you’ll never go pad!

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