Best Over The Counter Yeast Infection Treatment

best over the counter yeast infection treatment

Have a yeast infection down there but too embarrassed or have no time to go to the doctor again?

Over the counter yeast infection treatments can be great alternatives to your dilemma.

With the prevalence of the internet, getting them online can save you both time and money, not to mention avoid potential embarrassing situations.

Here is a list of the best over the counter yeast infection treatment available for sale online!

What Is Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection is a pesky fungal infection caused by the fungus Candida Albicans, and is very common in women, especially in the vaginal area.

According to Mayo Clinic,

A vaginal yeast infection is a fungal infection that causes irritation, discharge and intense itchiness of the vagina and the vulva — the tissues at the vaginal opening. It’s a type of vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina. Vaginal yeast infection (also called vaginal candidiasis) affects up to 3 out of 4 women at some point in their lifetimes. Many women experience at least two episodes.”

Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Each woman experiences symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in varying degrees of seriousness.

Some can be very mild, while others can severe symptoms. One very common symptom of a vaginal yeast infection is itching, and can include yeasty smelling odor.

Vaginal yeast infection symptoms may include:

  • Itching around the vulva area, outer and inner labia
  • Yeasty odor
  • White-gray cottage cheese like vaginal discharge
  • Discomfort/pain during intercourse or urination
  • Rashes


Types of Vaginal Yeast Infections

Depending on whether your vaginal yeast infection is uncomplicated or complicated, treatment procedures differ.

Yeast infections are considered uncomplicated when it is infrequent, and only mild to moderate symptoms are experienced.

Yeast infections are considered complicated when:

  • They are recurring (more than 4 times a year)
  • Severe swelling or redness around the vulva area
  • You are pregnant
  • You have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Your immunity is compromised due to existing illness such as lupus
  • The fungal infection is due to other strains of Candida (not Candida Albicans)

Please see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment if you have complicated yeast infections.


To diagnose whether you have yeast infection, your doctor may start by asking your medical history, followed by a pelvic examination.

Your doctor may also take a sample of your vaginal fluid to determine the fungal type to tailor treatment.

If you prefer not to go to the doctor’s, but want to know if you have yeast infection, you may want to consider testing at home with an over the counter screening kit like the Monistat Vaginal Health Test.

These kits are available in pharmacies in Walgreen, or you can get them off Amazon.

Home Screening: Monistat Vagina Health Test

The Monistat Vagina Health Test consist of two swab sticks.

According to Monistat, this test is the same one step vaginal pH test used by doctors.

The theory is that if there is yeast infection, vaginal acidity will remain normal or become more acidic, and hence the yellow tip of the swab stick would remain the same.

However, you got to recognize that having normal vaginal acidity does not mean that you definitely have yeast infection.

If the yellow tip turns green, it indicates abnormal vaginal acidity and Monistat recommends you to check it out with your physician for further follow up.

The kit also includes Monistat’s Instant Itch Relief Cream, which is thoughtful of the manufacturer as the fact that you are wondering whether you have an yeast infection most probably indicates that you are having some sort of itch down there.

The average price of Monistat Vagina Health Test online is about $13, which translates to be about $6.50 per stick. It is not exactly cheap, but probably cheaper than going to the doctor’s.

Caveat: This product is not suitable for menopausal women and women who are on hormonal medication.


Home Screening: Micro Essential Lab’s Hydrion pH Test Paper Dispenser

If cost is a concern, you may want to consider Micro Essential Lab’s pH test paper instead.

Many women who buy these pH test paper use them to test for vaginal acidity at home.

Made in the US, they are affordable, costing an average price of $10 per dispenser, and probably can last you for a looong time.

To use this to test for your vaginal acidity, get a q-tip or sterilized cotton swab and swab a sample from your vagina wall. Then wipe the sample on the indicator test paper.

The results are usually immediate. You just have to compare the color of the test paper with the color band on the front of  the dispenser to find out the pH of your vagina.

If the indicator tape turns yellow, you are likely to have yeast infection (ph 3.0-3.5).

On the other hand, if it turns dark green(pH 4.5-5.5), you may have bacterial infection. If the tape remains in the range of pH 3.5-4.5, it indicates normal vaginal acidity.

Many people remarked how user friendly the dispenser is.

They also liked that the test paper are multi-purpose, and can be used to measure acidity of urine, as well as vaginal discharge.

However, some have remarked that it can be challenging trying to discern the close pH levels as the colors can sometimes blend together.

That being said, Micro Essential Lab Hydrion pH Test Paper Dispenser does what it is supposed to do – test for pH within the 3.0-5.5 pH range.

For less than $10, it is a great buy for those who want to do self screening at home, or for those who just want to keep on top of the pH levels of their bodily fluids.


Treatment of Vaginal Yeast Infection

If your vaginal yeast infection is simple, the standard practice is usually a 1 to 3 day course of anti-fungal medication that can come in the form of pills, cream or suppositories.

Some of the common active ingredients in antifungal medication are

  • Miconazole
  • Clotrimazole
  • Butoconazole (e.g. Gynazole)
  • Terconazole (e.g Terazol)

For oral medication, your doctor may prescribe a single dosage of Fluconazole (Diflucan).

Some of the active ingredients are only available in prescription drugs, and hence would need to be prescribed by your physician or pharmacist. Diflucan is one such drug.

Safety Precautions

Before you try to treat your yeast infection with over the counter options, do make sure that you are indeed suffering from yeast infection, and not any other vaginal infection.

Check with your doctor if you are not sure if you have yeast infection.

Using the wrong medication can sometimes makes it more complicated to diagnose yeast infections.

As dosage of medication is designed to follow the fungal growth cycle, it is important to follow the instructions on the packaging regarding application frequency and dosage for most optimal results.

Also try to complete the full course of treatment (unless you experience adverse reactions like extreme swelling/burning sensation, because that may mean you are allergic to it).

Be mindful whether you would have an allergic reaction the active ingredient that is used in the medication.

If you are using a cream, you may want to consider dabbing a bit on the inside of your elbow and wait for 48 to 72 hours to observe before applying it into your vagina.

If you experience redness, swelling, itching or burning sensation, the product is not be suitable for you.

Best Over The Counter Yeast Infection Treatment Options

The more common active ingredients that can be sold as over the counter products are miconazole and clotrimazole.

Generally with the creams, the more days you have to apply, the less concentrated the dosage.

For example, the individual dosage of a 7 day dosage will not be as concentrated as the individual dosage of a 3 day dosage.

If it is your first time using the product, it may be better to try out the longer days version first for a less concentrated dosage.

Miconazole: Monistat Vaginal Antifungal Medication

If you are NOT allergic to miconazole, you may want to consider using:

Monistat 3 Vaginal Antifungal Medication (3 Days Treatment)

Price: From $12.88


Monistat 7 Vaginal Antifungal Medication (7 Days Treatment)

Price: From $13.50

The Pros

1. Does the job

Overall, more than 70% of Amazon reviewers agreed that the Monistat Vaginal Medication does what it is supposed to do, and experienced relief from symptoms after a few days.   

2. Hygienic and convenient

The package sells separate pre-filled applications for each day, unlike other brands that provides only one applicator, and you will have to fill the applicator yourself.

Which can be extremely messy business.

The Cons

1. Effective with unpleasant side effects
Some women report that while there was relief from symptoms after a few days, they actually experienced an increase in discomfort (burning sensation/itch) upon application.

This varies from woman to woman.

2. Messy
As the cream is applied into the vagina, gravity will cause the cream to leak out.

It is advisable to add a liner to your underwear when you apply the medication to avoid messy clean ups, or ruining your favorite pair of undies.

Overall, Monistat Vaginal Antifungal Medication appears to be an effective vaginal cream for yeast infection for most women, and is one of the more popular brands in the market


Clotrimazole: Taro’s Clotrimazole Vaginal Cream

If you are NOT allergic to Clotrimazole, you may want to consider:

Taro Clotrimazole 3 Day Vaginal Cream 21 g

Price: From $8.00


Taro Clotrimazole 7 Day Vaginal Cream 45 g

Price: From $5.50

The Pros

1. Effective
Many women report that this made in Canada product is a good fuss free option if one is allergic to miconazole, or experience burning sensations with the Monistat products.

The general consensus is that the product is rather effective, with symptoms clearing up within days upon application.

It received a 4.3 star rating out of 5 on Amazon reviews, which is really quite decent, if you compare the ratings among other similar products.

2. Hygienic and convenient
The 3 Day cream has 3 disposable applicators, which makes it easy and hygienic to apply.

The weird thing though, about the 7 Day version, is that there is only 1 applicator, so to use that, one would have to clean and reuse the applicator, for 7 days. Mm…

The Cons

1. Not readily available in pharmacies
Many online reviewers remarked the challenges in finding clotrimazole based vaginal creams in stores, as compared to the miconazole based ones.

The good thing is, buying from Amazon is easy enough, but you may just want to stock up on these when you get them. Just sayin’.

2. Inconvenient 7-Day pack
As mentioned earlier, one of the common complaints is that the 7 day pack only has one applicator that needs to be reused daily over 7 days.

Also, because there is only 1 applicator, the user will have to refill it with the medication every time for usage, which may result in poor estimation of dosage.

Overall, it seems that Taro’s Clotrimazole vaginal cream is a great option for women who have also tried Monistat’s but did not like it (be it not effective for them or experienced burning sensation upon application).

Price wise, it is also more affordable, compared to other brand names.


Natural Alternative Remedies to Yeast Infection

If you prefer to use more natural remedies, some of the common natural remedies to yeast infection include boric acid suppositories, tea tree oil and probiotic supplements.

Boric acid has anti-fungal and antiviral properties.

While it can be found in some prescription medication, it is also easily available in over the counter medication as well.

With regards to its efficacy in fighting yeast infection, boric acid had been recommended to be used alongside standard yeast infection treatment to treat recurring yeast infections.

Caveat: If you are pregnant, please DO NOT use boric acid to combat your yeast infection.

pH-D Feminine Health Support, Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

Vaginal suppositories are a great way to combat vaginal yeast infection.

True it can get a bit messy, but personally, I find suppositories the most effective way of treating yeast infections down there.

Made in the US, pH-D Feminine Health Support’s Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories is marketed as a homeopathic treatment for vaginal infections.

Laboratory tests have found boric acid to be effective in combating candida albicans in controlled environments.

For mild infections, it is recommended to use 1 suppository daily for 6 to 14 days. If the infection is moderate or more, it is recommended to use 1 suppository twice daily for up to 6 days.

Please visit pH Defense website for more information.

The Pros

1. Effective

pH-D Feminine Health Support’s Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories has been ranked as Amazon’s best seller for yeast infection treatments. It has garnered 4.4 out of 5 rating in its reviews, with 76% of reviewers giving it a 5 star review.

2. Quality assurance

On its website, pH Defense listed that these vaginal suppositories are manufactured: 

  • with pharmaceutical grade boric acid.
  • in the United States
  • in a facility has the highest certification possible—a GMP/HACCP compliant facility that is also SQF product safety management certified.
  • in a facility that is FDA registered
  • under safe, sanitary conditions compliant with the FDA rules and regulations
  • with ingredients that are 3rd party tested
  • with each lot/batch of finished product 3rd party tested to satisfy FDA protocol and standards before being released for sale.
  • with product labeling that meets the FDA requirements for over-the-counter medical products.

The Cons

1. Costs more
As compared to DIY-ing your own boric acid suppositories, these vaginal suppositories do cost more.

A bottle of 24 capsules cost an average of $25 on Amazon.

The manufacturers justify the cost by explaining the considerable investment placed into ensuring quality and safety of the product.

For example, pharmaceutical grade boric acid is used in the production of these suppositories.

In addition, the manufacturing facility is FDA registered, and ingredients are tested by a 3rd party to ensure that FDA safety protocol and standards are being met.

2. Does not include applicator
For women who are more comfortable with using an applicator to insert suppositories, they may be disappointed to know that pH-D Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories does not come with an applicator.

However, this should not be a deal breaker as the suppositories are easy enough to insert with clean hands.

Overall,  pH-D Feminine Health Support’s Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories appear to be a safe and quality homeopathic treatment that had worked for many women with vaginal infection problems.

Although it may cost more, many women have remarked it is the best $25 they have ever invested for their vaginal health.


Have you tried these over the counter yeast infection treatments before? Did they work for you?

Do you have any other recommendations which can benefit us too? 

Let us know. 🙂

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