About Me

I started this website to share my personal struggles with feminine odours as well as my journey in managing the problem over the past decade. Having tried multiple medical and alternative/home remedies, this website aims to share the information I have gleaned over the years, because, really, there isn’t seem to be a comprehensive enough website (medical and alternative) out there on this specific area of women’s health.

It’s usually one or another, but rarely one of both. In my journey, I also realised that there are a myriad of factors, not just within our body system, but also within our environment, that affects our odours.

Belonging to the group of women who have a tad more vaginal discharges, as well as being an unfortunate member of, but rather mainstream group who suffer from periodic yeast infections, I hope that you will be able to find something that can be useful for you in your own journey.

Shy of sounding feminist, I strongly believe that being informed, especially in this area where women tend to keep it in our closet of embarrassing but difficult to share personal information, can be very empowering. I don’t play doctor on the web, and the information presented are aimed to provide scope and for sharing purposes. Afterall, sharing is caring!